Character Bios

Caltsar - Normal Form

Caltsar is a green anthro dragon. He's somewhat short, measuring at just over 5 feet tall. Most would describe him as calm and kind. He is fiercely loyal to those he cares about, and would do anything to keep them happy and protect them. He has a long tail that's semi-prehensile, and is often used to help him balance when he's out exloring the precarious places he likes to get into. His wings are fairly substantial and he has a wingspan wider than he is tall. However, he cannot fly using them. They are sturdy and large enough to allow him to glide safely from most heights.

For clothing, Caltsar likes to dress fairly casually. He can be found with a t-shirt and black cargo pants most of the time. When it's cooler out, he will often have a zippered hoodie on as well. He never wears shoes though. His feet are flexible and footwear tends to simply get in the way. Caltsar can also be found with a pink tailband wrapped around the base of his tail. This has no significance other than the fact that he likes it. His collar, however, has personal meaning and is his symbol of devotion to his mate. He sports a tattoo on his right shoulder. The design is that of the KrakenKorps, a tribute to his long time friend and former Master.

Generally can be seen tinkering with something electronic or making various items out of wood or metal. Caltsar loves to learn how things work, and to fix anything he can find. He also enjoys practicing archery and can frequently be seen out at a range with his bow. Other hobbies include reading, playing games, photography, and flying kites. He spends a lot of time and energy on his pets, wanting to give them the best care possible.

Caltsar - Feral Form

This feral form of Caltsar was the first result of the cloning program that produced Callie. He met up with the original Anthro Caltsar and they became fast friends. Sharing the same name, they will both respond to any call for their attention. Feral Caltsar is unable to speak, instead communicating via body language and noises similar to that of a cat. He is as intelligent as any anthro, but due to his lack of spoken language, his intelligence is often underestimated. Feral Caltsar is quite the small dragon. Only a small bit larger than a housecat.

Caltsar - Cybernetic Form

In the future, Caltsar has taken on more implanted technology. He is eager to enhance his abilities and senses through any means he is able to. These enhancements started when he fell and broke his leg quite severely. As it would never heal properly, he was given the option of replacing it with an experimental cybernetic replacement. After the success of this replacement leg, he saved up and has been augmenting his body further, replacing his wings with a set that allow him to fly, his tail with one that is stronger and capable of grasping objects, and several internal organs have been replaced with artificial models to address congenital issues he has had with his breathing. He is currently saving to replace his right arm to match his left.


Callie is a female clone of Caltsar. Nobody knows where she came from, but it's suspected that the KrakenKorps had something to do with it... proportionally and developmentally she is nearly identical to Caltsar, just female. Her and Caltsar have bonded over time to become good friends with eachother and she can frequently be seen partaking in the various activities that Caltsar enjoys. Her identity comes largely from Caltsar's influence as she does not remember much of her past and he is the most prevailant figure in her life. She has a tattoo on the base of her tail with the same symbol Caltsar wears, but she does not know when or how she got it. This is what leads to the speculation that she was part of the Korps before meeting Caltsar.

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