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About Nibbler

Nibbler is a Harlequin Crested Gecko adopted on April 7th, 2015. When I picked him out, he jumped right onto my hand and has shown himself to be outgoing and curious from the start. Within a few hours of introducing him to his new home, he was eating and exploring every corner. Despite the advice to not handle baby crested geckos during the initial couple weeks while they acclimate, Nibbler has shown no signs of stress and seems more than happy to jump to my hand any time I'm doing anything in his cage. Nibbler passed away only a few months after adoption due to unknown causes.

Nibbler's Diet

Nibbler primarily eats Repashy Crested Gecko Diet. I chose to go with this because it provides the best nutrients and is significantly less expensive than using fruit and baby food in the long run. It also smells a lot better than most reptile food! Additionally I will feed him crickets and scraps of fruit as treats. I don't believe any animal should eat only one thing for their whole life, so while the Repashy diet is healthy, I do like to make sure I mix it up with a variety of healthy treats.

Nibbler's Home

The habitat that Nibbler currently lives in is a 10 gallon aquarium. This was previously occupied by my frog, Robert, before he died this winter of old age. I keep the habitat fairly sparse to ease cleaning and potential crushing hazards. The lining is made up of a washable artificial moss, and I have two artificial leafy plants that can be easily sanitized during cleanings. I have made sure to give Nibbler plenty of places to hide and get out of the light by also providing him with a plastic log hide.

Cleaning occurs on a weekly basis to get rid of any droppings and spilled food. Everything is cleaned with boiling water and allowed to cool off before being placed back into the habitat. The artificial moss is washed by hand with a coconut based soap on a biweekly basis.

Daily maintainence of Nibbler's home consists of misting two to three times a day with distilled water. I use distilled water as it doesn't introduce any clorine or other unknown chemicals into his habitat as well as washing away any minieral deposits that may build up on the glass during normal activity. I mist until all the plants are dripping and the sides of the tank foggy with water. This seems to keep humidity above 50% during the day and due to the regular cleaning and artificial nature of all the tank decor, mold and other potentially harmful have no chance to grow even with this above average misting schedule. I've found I need to mist the cage more due to its proximity to Errol's cage which is kept at a much higher heat and lower humidity. Due to the placement of Nibbler's home, his temperatures are kept within 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit regardless of conditions elsewhere in my room.

Growth Chart

All length measurements are in inches from snout to vent. All weight measurements are in grams.

2015-02-03??????Hatch Date
2015-04-121.93 in3.3gAdoption Day
2015-06-122.46 in3.9g
2015-12-012.95 in5.2g


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