Falkor's Page

About Falkor

Falkor is a male orange hypomelanistic translucent leatherback bearded dragon bred by Distinctive Dragons in Saint Paul, MN. He was born on March 13th, 2014 and I adopted him on July 7th, 2015. Falkor died in February of 2017. Bloodwork after he passed came back with signs of liver disease.

Falkor's Diet

Falkor's diet was primarily the same as Errol's with some additional appetite stimulant to encourage him to eat.

Falkor's Home

Falkor lived in the same enclosure and environment as Errol.

Growth Chart

All length measurements are in inches from snout to tailtip. All weight measurements are in grams.

2014-03-13??????Hatch Date
2015-07-0714.25 in249.6 gDate of Adoption


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