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About Errol

Errol is my bearded dragon that I adopted on January 1st, 2014. His estimated birthday is around Halloween of 2013. He is a huge snugglebug! He lost the tip of his tail to tailrot at the end of Feburary 2014. Errol passed away on June 27th, 2015. X-Rays by the vet after his death determined his lungs never fully developed and contributed to his health issues that started around one year of age.

Errol's Diet

Errol's diet currently consists of two staples: Dubia Roaches and Collared Greens. Combined, these two food items meet most of his dietary needs. To fill in gaps, I supplement a variety of other vegetables usually obtained during cooking. Additionally, I also buy Superworms to feed him as treats.

When Errol was younger I primarily fed him crickets, and I made a much more handpicked salad. However, over time I've realized that his current diet is something he will eat and fits his dietary needs very well. Moving to dubia roaches has also saved me almost $70 every month.

Errol's Home

Errol's terrarium is a 40 gallon Tetra Fauna Deluxe Repto Habitat Enclosure. I put down a tile floor over a reptile carpet liner to protect the glass on the bottom of the terrarium. I have three heat lamps on timers that I can control independantly to adjust the heat gradient of his home. Each one currently uses a 60 Watt incandescent clear bulb. I also have a 32 inch Flourescent UV Lamp.

Growth Chart

All length measurements are in inches from snout to tailtip. All weight measurements are in grams.

2013-10-27??????Estimated Birth Date
2014-01-129.50 in48.70gMeasured After Bath, Estimated 11 Weeks
2014-01-2310.25 in64.80g
2014-01-2610.50 in63.30gMid-day after poo
2014-02-0411.00 in78.40gAfter Work
2014-02-1311.25 in84.20g
2014-02-2311.75 in96.00g
2014-03-0812.25 in102.20g
2014-03-2412.50 in127.50gTail rot, pre amputation
2014-04-1012.00 in159.20gLost an inch of tail
2014-04-2212.75 in170.00g
2014-05-0513.00 in191.10gPost Bath
2014-05-1713.50 in195.20g
2014-06-0814.00 in225.50g
2014-07-0214.50 in248.70g
2014-08-2615.25 in297.60g
2014-10-1315.25 in331.10g


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